Vimar 14300.10.SL TV-RD-SAT Durchgangsdose, 1 Modul

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Koaxial TV-RD-SAT Durchgangsdose,
5-2400 MHz, mit Stift,
Anschlussdämpfung 10 dB
Coaxial TV-RD-SAT 5-2400 MHz socket outlet, through-line,
with IEC 60169-2 male connector,
connection attenuation 10 dB
• connect user equipments to systems for the distribution of analogic or digital sound and video signals, from terrestrial, satellite or cable link, in the 5-2400 MHz frequency band
• permit the connection of a single device (e.g. TV or SAT receiver)
• can be used for satellite Internet applications and, thanks to the 5-40 MHz return channel, also for interactive functions (hotel communications and cable TV)
• a choice of single connection sockets allows the passage of d.c. current and control signals, and of through-line sockets with three different attenuation ratings, ensures optimal utilisation on any type of individual or central distribution configuration (see table overleaf).
Technical specifications:
• frequency range: 5-2400 MHz
• output: IEC 60169-2 male connector
• return channel in 5-40 MHz band
• shielding efficiency: A class
• cable dimensions:
- internal wire o 3 mm max
- external insulating sheath: o 5-7 mm
Conformity to Standards
EN 50083-1, EN 50083-4 Standards
EMC Directive
EN 50083-2 Standard

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