Vimar 14062.SL Doppeltaster m. Pfeilen, 10A/250V~ m. Verriegelung

ArtNr.: V-14062.SL
EAN: 8007352320949
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: 14062.SL
Farbe: silber glänzend
Serie: Plana
Gewicht: 0,04 kg
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Doppeltaster 1P NO (Schließer) + 1P NO (Schließer) 10 A 250 V~, mit gegenseitiger Verriegelung
Two interlocked push buttons, 1P NO + 1P NO 10 A, with directional arrows,
Switches with directional arrows
These switches can be used for the direct control of motor driven loads, i.e. roller blinds, gates, etc. Interlocked buttons, or those with non-simultaneous closing, may control two independent circuits and are normally combined with relays, to allow the activation of motor driven pulses (i.e. motors for blinds, gates, etc.).

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