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Vimar V71304 Unterputzdose für 4 Module, Mauerwerk, GW-650°C

ArtNr.: V-V71304
EAN: 8007352079403
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: V71304
Farbe: 4 Module, Mauerwerk
Gewicht: 0,04 kg
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Unterputzdose/ Flush mounting box
für Wände aus Mauerwerk / for masonry
rechteckig / Rectangular mounting box, 4 modules
Erhältlich in zwei Feuer-Schutzklassen / available abnormal heat and to fire:
(Glow Wire/ Glühdrahtprüfung 650 °C), hellblau / blue
(Glow Wire/ Glühdrahtprüfung 960 °C), schwarz / black
Technical specifications:
• technopolymer highly resistant to impacts and to deformation
• temperature during installation: from -15 °C to +60 °C
• resistance to abnormal heat and to fire (Glow Wire test) 650 °C (960 °C .AU types)
• 20% increased inner space to ease accomodation of all the equipments and of all the cables necessary for their supply and operation
• possibility of realizing modular and electrically separated compartments with the divider V71550
• knockouts to accomodate differently sized conduits
• fixing lugs for the mounting frame screws with zinc-plating and olive green passivation, protected by special wax-like covering to prevent thread occlusion during installation and plastering and to ease screws engagement
• knockouts can be opened without the use of a tool
• antimortar protection for ø 60 mm round mounting boxes and 3, 4, 5 and 6/7-module rectangular mounting boxes, through specially designed yellow covers
• technological solutions covered by many patents
Conformity to Standards
LV Directive
EN 60670-1 Standard
Bedienungsanleitung beachten/ note manuel

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