Vimar 20008.B Taster mit Wippe, 1P Schliesser 10A, 1M

ArtNr.: V-20008.B
EAN: 8007352316485
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: 20008.B
Farbe: weiß matt
Serie: EIKON
Gewicht: 0,03 kg
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Taster 1P NO (Schliesser) 10A, beleuchtbar, 1Modul
1P NO 10 A push button, lightable, replaceable button
beleuchtbar mit LED_Lampe 110-250V:
00936.A 110-250V, 0,5 W, Farbe amber
00936.R 110-250V, 0,5 W, Farbe rot
00936.B 110-250V, 0,5 W, Farbe blau
00936.W 110-250V, 0,5 W, Farbe white
beleuchtbar mit LED_Lampe 12-24V:
00935.A 12-24V, 0,1 W, Farbe amber
00935.R 12-24V, 0,1 W, Farbe rot
00935.B 12-24V, 0,1 W, Farbe blau
00935.W 12-24V, 0,1 W, Farbe white
Switching on and off of ohm-inductive loads:
• lighting circuits:
- lighting fittings (luminaires) for use incandescent lamps
- lighting fittings (luminaires) for use with fluorescent lamps, with or without power factor compensation
• dedicated circuits for:
- motor driven appliances (fans, ventilators, canopy hoods, etc.)
- switches socket outlet
Switches with customized buttons Vimar laser technology allows to reproduce on the buttons, with absolute precision and indelebility, the following:
• all the symbols of the articles in the present catalogue
• all the symbols and wordings shown on page 113
• symbols, wordings, logotypes or trademarks on request (see "Customization" - page 112)
Technical specifications:
• rated voltage: 250 V~
• rated current:
- 10 A for push buttons
- 16 AX for devices that controls circuits of fluorescent lamps with power factor compensation
• contact opening gap: > 3 mm
• insulation resistance: > 5 MΩ a 500 V d.c.
• dielectric strength: > 2000 V~
• minimum breaking capacity:
200 operations with 1,25 In, 275 V~ cosφ 0,3 and 200 operations with 1,2 In, 250 V~, with load of tungsten filament lamp (except for push buttons)
• minimum electrical life:
- 40.000 operations with In, 250 V~, cosφ 0,6
- 10.000 operations for 10 AX switches (5.000 for 16 AX switches) with In, 250 V~, with load of fluorescent lamps
• balanced and noiseless rocking action for 1-way, 2-way and reversing switches and push buttons
Conformity to Standards
LV Directive
EN 60669-1 Standard

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